As an artist, filmmaker, educator and eco-activist, Cathy Cook has been creating films since the early 1980’s. She uses installation, collage, video, and animation to employ a non-linear aesthetic that evokes the visceral reality of lived experiences. Cook has exhibited her award-winning work internationally in both solo and group shows including MOMA, The Whitney Museum, PBS and numerous other venues. In 2001, Cook was awarded a Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship. 

Cook’s practice is grounded in scientific and social research. Recurring subjects include environmentalism, the evolving human body, aging, and feminism. Cook’s Cranes in Motion project, took her to the largest migration locations for Sandhill Cranes and Whooping Cranes. Currently she is an Associate Professor in Visual Arts – Cinematic Arts at UMBC. Cook migrates between Baltimore and Wisconsin; the latter where she lives on a small swampy lake with her dog Zippy. They share residence with cranes, loons, eagles, badgers, deer, herons and coyotes.

Photo by David Figueroa

Photo by John Shimon

Photo by Paul Dickinson

Photo by J. Shimon & J. Lindemann

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