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June Brides

(1987, 10:00, 16mm) | Cathy Cook & Claudia Looze

“A wacky and uproarious depiction of dominant institutions is offered in June Brides. . . . A pair of bride filmmakers have wild adventures while careening through the expected wedding activities. The film plays with sets, performances, animation and video to produce a celebration of the silly human dimensions of nuptial occasions, while relentlessly putting aside the official bridal magazine script of events. June Brides holds out the hope of the female transformation or appropriation of the dominant culture.”

—Chuck Kleinhaus, Northwestern University, Dialogue: An Art Journal 

Whitney Museum at Equitable, “Dirt & Domesticity,” NY, NY
ATA Gallery, San Francisco, CA
EXPERI Film Festival, Bonn Germany
26th Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
Black Maria Film Festival, West Orange, NJ  (Honorable Mention)
Bucks Co. Film Festival & Tour
Experimental Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden
Baltimore Film Forum, “Keep Your Shorts ON”, Baltimore, MD
Women in the Director’s Chair Festival, Chicago, IL
13th Michigan Womyn’s Film/Video Festival, Walhalla, MI
Cinema Femmes Int’l Women’s Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival, SF, CA
Tel-Aviv Film Festival, Israel
Film In The Cities Production Grant (for June Brides)

Directors & Brides: Cathy Cook and Claudia Looze
Music By: Aqua Velveeta & The Ghostly Trio