The Match That Started My Fire

(1992, 20min, 16mm)

This unconventional comedy explores women’s sexuality through candid stories of sexual discoveries, fantasies and pleasures. Visually stunning, yet unnerving, the film is a visual montage of found industrial films and original footage of swirling skirts, monumental machinery, ocean life, and befuddled reaction shots. The phone rings and the girl-talk begins: secrets emerge and confessions build as the audience is taken on an adventure of sensual humor.

Best of Festival Award – 1992 Ann Arbor Film Festival
Juror’s Award – 1991 Black Maria Film/Video Festival & Tour
1st Place (Experimental) – Baltimore International Film Festival
Honorable Mention 16th Atlanta Film & Video Festival, Atlanta, GA
39th Annual Flaherty Film Seminar/Conference, Wells College, NY
Pacific Film Archives of Berkeley, CA

Seattle Int’l Women’s Film Festival, Seattle, WA
PS. 122, “Marriage, Sex & Patriarchy”, New York, NY
IMPAKT 1997, Film/Video Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
National Film Board of Canada
Harvard University, MA
Melbourne Int’l Film Festival, Australia Production
Film in the Cities Production Grant, St. Paul, MN

Director, Editor & Cinematography: Cathy Cook
Music/Audio Collage: Paul Dickinson
Funding: Film in the Cities Production Grant, (Jerome Foundation)

Not in distribution