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A Tension of Care (2023, installation exhibit)

Re/Vision (Work in Progress – 4k Video, 16mm and animation)

CRANES IN MOTION (2013-2016, documentary, live-action, animation, sound, poetry, interactive projection, large scale photography)

Entrails & Leftovers (2013, photography exhibit)

Bunny #1 (2010, Continuous DV loop, Sculpture and DV)


Mimicking Whooper (2016, Kinect 2, Unity 3D game engine, Maya, Computer, sound, color, variable size)

Prehistoric Resurrection (2016, 4:10 min, 3D animation, 2k live-action, single channel, Digital audio)

Summer Home (2015, 1:50 min, 4k Digitial Video, silent)

IMMORTAL CUPBOARD: In Search of Lorine Niedecker (2003–2009, 73 minutes, 16mm film to DV)

Ahhh Asphalt!

SITE SPECIFIC (2002, 15min, video; collaboration with David Figueroa)

Both Towers Have Fallen (2001, 2min, video)

Beyond Voluntary Control (2000, 30min, 16mm & DVD)

Ass Dance (1999, 40sec, video)

Mother Nature (1996, 5min, 16mm)

A Fish Out of Water (1995, 2min, Pixelvision to DV)

The Match That Started My Fire (1992, 20min, 16mm)

Bust-Up (1989, 7min, 16mm)

June Brides (1987, 10min, 16mm)

Girl Watcher (1987, 1min, video)

Toe Jam (1985, 6min, 16mm)

Poetry Films

(2002 – 2006) A collection of Eleven Short Film Poems on one DVD compilation.