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Beyond Voluntary Control

(2000, 30min, 16mm & DVD) | Live-action/Animation, Color, Sound

Beyond Voluntary Control conveys the experience of psychological and physical confinement. Through a surreal montage of haunting images from diverse sources, a sense of the obsessions, phobias, and diseases that constrict personal freedom is tellingly communicated. Dancer David Figueroa contributes his original and evocative movements to the mix. A soundtrack with poems by Emily Dickinson and Sharon Olds escorts the visual, and an interview with the filmmaker’s mother poignantly underscores the latter’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

lock yourself in, let yourself go

2000 – MADCAT Int’l Film Festival & Tour
30th Anniversary Women Make Movies, MOMA
39th Ann Arbor F/V Festival, BEST EDITING AWARD, 2001
Honorable Mention, 2001 Black Maria Film & Video Festival
THAW Film Festival, Iowa City, Iowa.

Producer/ Director & Editor:  Cathy Cook
Original Movement and Dance: David Figueroa
Sound Design: Paul Dickinson
Assistant to Director: Stefanie Koseff

Women Make Movies