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Entrails & Leftovers

My exhibition, Entrails & Leftovers, reflects my intrigue with nature’s elegant beauty and the changes that evolve within ecosystems where humans and animals clash and co-exist.

From August 2011 through summer 2012, I lived alone on a small lake in North Central Wisconsin. This rural environment is primarily dedicated to farming, recreation and hunting, but also designated as wetlands and the home to abundant wildlife.

In the span of this year, I spontaneously observed and documented human and animal interaction. On daily dog walks, I was simultaneously fascinated and disgusted by butchered farm chickens, hidden animal carcasses and deer innards left by hunters. The decaying of a freshly killed deer for me became a still life evolving over seasons.

This lake area became my Walden Pond.

Use the arrows to scroll through photos from the exhibition.

Photos by Cathy C. Cook